Got pain? Not after your massage.

You might opt to get a massage for all sorts of reasons:

  • You pulled a muscle and need to work it out.
  • Your chiropractor recommended it for you.
  • You want to keep your body in peak form.
  • You’re being treated for high blood pressure, asthma or arthritis.
  • You had a very stressful week and need to let it go.
  • It’s part of your normal routine.
  • You want to improve your energy level.
  • You’re in pain, and you want to feel better quickly.

Finding relief from pain is actually one of the most common reasons to see a massage therapist. That’s because you can get real pain relief from a skilled massage therapist. Since most pain is muscular in nature, stretching, pulling and rubbing your muscles does wonders to ease your pain in the process.

Different Types of Pain

We all get the occasional pulled muscle. Sometimes, we overdo it at the gym, which causes fatigue or sore muscles. And then there’s the stress that we carry in our neck or shoulders. All can be painful. But all can be treated without drugs by an experienced Asheville massage therapist.

But massage is much more effective than you may believe. Medical studies have confirmed that massage can deliver relief from chronic lower back pain. And people with other chronic conditions — such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease — can find pain relief through therapeutic massage. Massage is powerful medicine.

Additional Massage Benefits

Finding pain relief is enough for many people. If that’s all you want, massage delivers on that promise. But an Asheville massage therapist can do a lot more for you. For example, getting a monthly massage can prevent pain from returning. Regular massages keep your muscles loose and flexible, making sprains and pulls less likely.

In addition, if you pay attention during your massage, you can learn more about your body. When your massage therapist pushes into painful muscle, it draws your attention. You learn to stretch that muscle, to gradually work it free. Also, massage manages to soothe simply due to the feeling of human hands on your skin. Massage has many benefits.

Get an Asheville Massage from an Expert

If you’re in pain, a massage can do wonders to provide relief, especially if you get one from the master of natural pain relief: Lawrence Hines. Lawrence draws on many different forms of massage therapy to ease your pain and help you overcome your physical limitations. He bills himself as a therapeutic masseur, but he employs deep tissue, reflexology and Thai techniques, among others.

Not only does Lawrence have many years of massage experience (he’s been licensed by the state for 17 years), but he’s trained in kinesiology and the Laban Movement Analysis. He understands how the body is supposed to move. After one session, he’ll know your physical issues better than you know them yourself. And he uses this knowledge to help you out of pain. Contact Lawrence to schedule a massage. Get out of pain today.