Synergetic practices contribute to your well-being. 

You can get expert chiropractic care in Asheville to treat your back pain. And if your chiropractor solves your back pain or mobility issues, then you may not need therapeutic massage in addition to your chiropractic treatments. But for swifter and more long-lasting relief, massage may provide the perfect adjunct.

Health issues are rarely simple. Your body is a complex system of bones, muscles, organs, nerves, etc. — not to mention skin. Every part of your body works in conjunction with the others. Sometimes, if you fix one system, everything else lines up. Other times, you need to align every system for your body to function harmoniously.

Chiropractic Care Doesn’t Need Help

Some chiropractors in Asheville are excellent at their craft. They deliver pain relief in a short amount of time. Regular visits can keep your bones in alignment, which helps keep you pain-free. As long as there have been chiropractors, there have been satisfied patients.

But just as your body isn’t composed of just bones, you can benefit from therapeutic massage in conjunction with your chiropractic care. In fact, some chiropractors in Asheville regularly send their patients to massage therapists for synergetic treatments. They understand the way the body works; they know that massage complements their chiropractic work to help their patients.

Why Therapeutic Massage Helps

Soft tissue and muscles hold your bones in place. While a chiropractor can give you an adjustment that puts your spine back into alignment, your soft tissue and muscle can pull you back out of alignment if they are tweaked. Therapeutic massage relaxes your soft tissue and muscles so they won’t pull your bones out of whack.

Think of your spine as an ordinary straw, held in place with a series of elastic bands, each pulling with the same tension. Those elastic bands are your soft tissue and muscles. If one elastic band — or one muscle — pulls harder than the rest, it can throw everything out of alignment. Even if a skilled chiropractor works the bones back into place, the muscle may pull it away again. Massage targets that muscle so it once again works as it’s supposed to.

A Winning Combination

Skilled chiropractors deliver excellent results by manipulating your body. Massage therapists get excellent results by working your soft tissue and muscles. Together, these practices produce results that neither could on its own. Chiropractic care and therapeutic massage create symbiotic results, as each practice furthers the other. Some examples include:

  • Massage therapy helps make your chiropractic treatments last longer.
  • Chiropractic care helps your muscles relax after a massage.
  • Massage relaxes your muscles so they don’t pull your bones out of alignment.
  • Chiropractic treatment aligns your bones, so your muscles don’t have to work harder.
  • Since your back bones protect your spinal cord, which houses your central nervous system, you may need both massage and chiropractic care.

Ask your Asheville chiropractor about the benefits of massage in conjunction with his services. While not every chiropractic patient needs massage, it helps many. Contact an expert therapeutic massage practitioner today and make your chiropractic care last longer.