The answer depends on why you need a massage.

Since therapeutic massage is by its very nature healing, it makes sense to assume that your insurance carrier would cover the costs of a therapeutic massage. After all, massage is preventative medicine, just like a healthful diet and a regular exercise regimen.

Unfortunately, just as most insurance companies don’t cover the costs of healthy food or a gym membership, they frequently don’t cover the costs of a therapeutic massage. But No doesn’t always mean No — in other words, there are situations in which your insurance company may cover an Asheville massage.

State by State

Rules vary state by state. So the state you live in and the circumstances surrounding your “need” for a massage determine whether or not your insurance company will cover your massage. In North Carolina, for example, your insurance company may be compelled to pay for specific reasons:

  • You were involved in an auto accident.
  • You were hurt at work and filed a Workman’s Compensation claim.
  • You are experiencing back, shoulder or neck pain from an accident.
  • In some cases, your insurance carrier will cover massages if your primary care physician either prescribes or refers you to a massage therapist for treatment.
  • In certain cases, your insurance will cover treatment if you are getting chiropractic care (which is often covered by insurance carriers), and your practitioner wants you to get massage treatments in conjunction with chiropractic care.

Your insurance company must follow state guidelines when determining whether or not to pay for your massage treatments. If you feel you need massage to treat a specific problem, manage your pain level or help you heal more quickly or more fully, contact an Asheville massage therapist. A short phone conversation may be enough to answer your question of coverage.

Getting the Relief You Need

Massage is gaining visibility as a viable treatment for people in pain. More and more studies are being conducted that prove the benefits of therapeutic massage. But the wheels of progress turn slowly. So if you want your North Carolina insurance company to cover a massage 100 percent of the time, you might have to wait a while longer. However, ask your plan ” Does my Insurance Cover a Therapeutic Massage” ?

In the end, the most important thing is to become pain-free. If you’re in pain from an accident, from age-related symptoms or from a chronic condition, see your doctor. Sometimes, you can get your insurance company to pay by getting other medical practitioners on your side.

Asheville Therapeutic Massage is on your side. Lawrence Hines specializes in helping people like you find relief from persistent pain. Whether or not your insurance company is willing to pay for your treatment, you owe it to yourself to visit a talented massage therapist like Lawrence. He can treat your pain and help you relax.

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