Especially when there’s an Asheville massage therapist on every corner…

It’s really true. Everyone in Asheville knows at least one massage therapist. You probably know more than one. Maybe they practice a general type of relaxing massage. Maybe they specialize in deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot rock massage or hands-on healing. Maybe they are old friends or people you just met. But they are everywhere.

It’s enough to make you think that Asheville massage therapists are a dime a dozen. What does it take to hang a shingle, anyway? Is it any more difficult than becoming a babysitter?

Getting a Massage License

Despite the plethora of massage therapists in Asheville, you’d be downright surprised at how difficult and time-consuming it is to be licensed as a massage therapist. According to the State of North Carolina, you need the following to get a license to become a massage therapist in the state:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need a high school diploma or a GED.
  • You must prove your moral character to the satisfaction of the State Board.
  • You have to complete a 500-hour training program at a qualified school.
  • You have to pass a competency exam.
  • You have to submit to a fingerprint background check.

On top of that, you must pay for your license and maintain a good standing with the proper authorities. In short, becoming an Asheville massage therapist is not an easy or flippant undertaking. You must commit to months of study and hard work. And even after you complete everything and get your license, you still face the hurdle of setting up a business.

Been There, Done That

Lawrence Hines of Asheville Therapeutic Massage has done all that. And more. When you’re looking for an Asheville massage therapist, look for someone who has experience to back up the license. Find someone who knows not just the anatomy but how the anatomy works in real life. Find someone like Lawrence.

A former dancer, Lawrence has an intimate knowledge of the human physique. He understands how your muscles interact and how the body is supposed to move. He now boasts 17 years of being state and nationally licensed. He’s passionate about his work and about his clients. He can tell you not only where your physical issues lie, but what exercises to do to overcome your limitations.

Extra Credit

A devoted massage therapist, Lawrence even has continued his studies beyond what’s required. He’s a nationally certified massage therapist. He’s taken not just 500 hours of study, but 1500 hours. He’s developed a broad range of massage skills and techniques, including lymphatic draining, cranial sacral therapy, kinesiology, Thai massage, direct manipulation and the Laban Movement Analysis.

Most important of all, Lawrence instinctively knows the best technique to use to help you, whether you have pain, stress or limited flexibility. He doesn’t merely choose the technique he just learned; he uses the technique that best fits your needs. During your massage, Lawrence is focused on you.

So when you’re trying to decide which Asheville massage therapist to visit, consider Lawrence Hines of Asheville Therapeutic Massage. He’s got the experience. He’s got the knowledge. He’s got the skills, and he knows how to use them. He’s a nice guy, too. Schedule your appointment to discover the difference Lawrence can make in your life.