With so many out there I don’t know where to start!

So how do you find a  good massage therapist? After all, you are going to pay somewhere between $60 and $125 for your session depending on length of session and the establishment where you receive it. You don’t want to waste it on someone that is not right for you. A good place to begin is by asking your friends if they know of or have experienced someone they could recommend. And then ask them what they liked about him or her. Another resource might be your doctor or other professionals with whom you are in contact.

What is your focus or goal?

 Even before you start asking around though, it is good to get clear on why you want to see a massage therapist. Are you having aches or pains that won’t go away? Are you looking for relaxation? Do you need help with sleep issues? Headaches? Are you looking to increase your body awareness, to become more embodied? Do you have a specific condition or injury such as tennis elbow, stiff neck, plantar fasciitis, or hip pain? Or are you looking to establish a health maintenance program for yourself? All of these are good reasons to seek the services of a massage therapist. 


 Once you are clear on what you want to accomplish and have asked for referrals, then it’s time to do a little research. Go to websites of the therapists you’ve been referred to. Not every massage therapist has a fabulous website, but it should give you a feel for who they are and what is their focus. It should also show their commitment to the profession by the associations to which they belong. This should help you begin to narrow down your field. 

Interview the therapists 

Call them and ask a few questions. What is their style of massage? How many years in practice? The more years the more they are committed, capable, and likely above average. Are they State licensed? (Required in North Carolina). Do they have a national licensure? A national certification indicates a deep commitment to the profession. What is their focus of practice? With this interview you should get a feeling of whether or not you resonate personally. If you are experiencing a specific injury or pain, you could ask how he or she might address it. Some therapists offer a free consultation

Book a session!

And finally you make a decision and take the plunge. And this of course is the real test. It is only through experience that you can know if you made the right choice. So dig in! You have only great benefits coming your way!

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