Recent times have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people utilizing massage therapy in order to achieve relaxation, reduce stress, or address specific physical complaints. As anyone knows who has tried it, a good massage session can leave you feeling peaceful, refreshed and pain-free, with a happier outlook on life. But if one massage is good, then regular massages are even better. There are so many benefits of regular massage therapy! Here is a list of benefits enjoyed by clients who receive massage once a month or more.

For the Body

Relieve low-back pain, increase range of motion
Releases “painkilling” endorphins
Alleviate muscular spasms and cramps
Increase joint flexibility
Limber and stretch weak or tight muscles
Pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs
Improves skin tone, elasticity and overall skin health
Helps with athletic performance and injury
Alleviate nerve pain, reduce pressure on nerves impacted by the vertebrae
As a complement to medical care by a physician, can help address specific diseases and disorders like fibromyalgia, digestive tract disorders, temperomandibular pain and migraine headaches
Improve overall posture, resulting in reduction of pain and stress
Helps regulate lymph flow
For the Emotions

Reduce depression and anxiety
Relieve stress-related insomnia
Fulfills the ubiquitously human need and craving for compassionate touch
Aid in the grieving process
For the Mind

Stress reduction
Increase focus and attention span
Mind feels refreshed and rejuvenated after “zoning out” for an hour or more on the table.
Delivers nutrients and oxygen to the brain
Other Benefits

Helps pregnant women enjoy an easier pregnancy and shorter labor
Ease medication dependence
Gentle massage can aid in recovery from surgery
Increases independence and mobility for the elderly and disabled
As you can see, there are a lot of wonderful benefit of regular massage therapy. A commitment to regular massage therapy is truly a commitment to your health! And at Asheville Therapeutic Massage, regular clients also receive discounted rates. Call to schedule an appointment today! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.