A Hands On Approach to Pain Free Living.

Healing you can feel.

Exuberance. Freedom of movement. Improved athletic performance.

Feel the difference therapeutic massage can make.


It’s not just for athletes.

You don’t have to run a four-minute mile to need a massage. These days its feels like we’re all marathoners in the game of life, running nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

When life is a contact sport, we can help you perform at your peak.

Office work is hard enough without the crippling effects of long periods sitting at a desk. If you know the pain of too much sitting and not enough sit ups, see us.

We’ll get your body in motion, with massage targeted to relieve your sore back, release your shoulders, and loosen your stiff neck.

“My role in bodywork is often as teacher bringing greater body awareness of where tension is held and why, and what can my client do to help themselves between our sessions.”


A Hands On Approach to Pain Free Living.

“Lawrence Hines at Asheville therapeutic Massage has been my massage therapist for six years now. He has helped me with shoulder injuries, sprained ankles and numerous mountain bike injuries and does so in a unique style that combines movement with deep focused pressure. He’s my go to for both pain relief and maintenance bodywork. He’s the best!”

Matt Johnson

“My partner was a client of Lawrence’s for at least 5 years. He had Parkinson’s Disease, and found the therapeutic massage that Lawrence gave him relieved a lot of the pain. In the last years of his life, a weekly massage was a treat that he always looked forward to. I’m not a massage addict, but Lawrence has a wonderful touch even for someone like me, and actually relieved a sciatic pain I was suffering from a couple of years ago. He also helped my niece with some stomach pain when she was here on a visit. So I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


As far as words to describe you….. caring, empathetic, honest, open, sensitive, perceptive, realistic and good at communicating.  To describe your work and how it helped me… first of all you successfully diagnosed the problem  with my shoulder!  After just a few sessions my range of motion was much better and I had stopped taking the pain meds.  With each therapy session the  range of motion in my shoulder got better and, you were also able to work on other areas needing attention.  Also,  the exercises you showed me to do at home have kept my shoulder in good shape so, I can still live an active life!  To summarize this, you are a very effective and caring massage therapist!

Peggy Boyer

When life is a contact sport, we can get you back in the game.

You train hard. You play hard. Now recover smart with sports-specific therapeutic massage from Asheville Therapeutic Massage. Designed to improve performance, prevent injury and speed recovery for elite athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone who plays to win in the game of life.