Pain comes in all forms. Relieve it with massage from Asheville Therapeutic Massage.

How does pain enter the body? Sometimes it is the direct result of an injury. Often our pain arises for no reason that we can recall. Perhaps we notice a little ache in our shoulders or neck or back. Left unattended, imbalances in our movement, our gait, and how we hold ourselves can make the pain worse. Soon we’re thinking of drastic measures to relieve the pain, and scheduling hip replacements, shoulder surgeries, carpel tunnel, and neck spinal fusions. In many cases, with proper body alignment, muscle and soft tissue balance, and periodic massage therapy to maintain fluidity in the tissues and joints, surgery can be avoided and health restored. Learn more about Therapeutic Massage.

“The “Aha” moment: a muscle releases, a long time pain is softened, or an emotion surfaces that was held in the tissues.”


When a person is experiencing systemic whole body muscle pain, the most effective therapy is to soothe the entire person with a deeply relaxing Swedish massage. This quiets down the nervous, system, increases a sense of well-being, promotes deeper sleep and allows the body to marshal its reserves to deal with the pain.

When pain is localized, I work the area and the causal areas with deep pressure while mobilizing the joints. My goal is to reduce the pain by stretching the tissues and decreasing the pull on bony attachments that can cause inflammation. Deep pressure massage, concentrated around sites of inflammation will increase the blood and lymph flow so waste products are carried away and nutrients are deposited.

Movement is critical in pain reduction. Our unconscious response to pain is to protect the pain point. In order to reduce the sensation of pain we keep our body rigid, we tighten up, and our body begins to lose its natural mobility. Over time, as the body stiffens and our joints and muscles adhere to themselves, this makes the pain worse. My approach is to mobilize the tissues and joints simultaneously with deep pressure and functional massage strokes in a system I call Dynamic Mobile Release. This helps the body re-pattern itself with restored neuromuscular function and improved biomechanics to break the cycle of pain.

“Promotion of elasticity in the body is one of my goals I hold for each of my clients.

As we age movement is paramount to maintaining our vitality. Movement of all our limbs, movement of fluid throughout the body, movement between tissues. Massage helps to maintain this ability.”


Body work and tune up

Scheduled maintenance. It’s not just for cars. Any good mechanic knows that to keep your equipment in top working order requires preventive maintenance and regular tune ups. When it comes to keeping your body running pain free and in optimal condition, the same principles apply. Maintain your vehicle with massage and it will serve you well for life.

“I was in training for my first Half Marathon and Lawrence knew how to prepare my body for the 13.1 mile journey. Even if you’re not training for such a feat, normal life takes it’s toll on the body. Do yourself a favor, schedule an appointment with Lawrence as your body deserves it.”

Stephen Lalla