What our clients are saying about us

“I have been going to Lawrence for massage for over 5 years. I have found his massages to be very relaxing as well as therapeutic for the aches and pains that regularly visit me. He has an excellent knowledge of the body and how it functions.”

Barbara Buckmaster

“I had a GREAT massage from Lawrence today. He knows how to get the muscles to soften before going deep and I love how he uses movement along with pressure. Well worth spending time and investing in your health.”

Rae Starling

“Keeps me healthy to perform my job duties”

Scott Finney

“Lawrence has been my therapist of choice for two years now. It is obvious that he can tell when he sees me walk in the door where I am out of alignment. His work is more than a “feel good” treatment. He often finds the spot where I am storing the pain and he goes for it with amazing skill. I know that future more severe pain has been alleviated. His training as a dancer enters into his style as a massage therapist, he adds a little rhythm to my steps.”

Chris McMillan

“Lawrence has a rich intuition which allows for a quick assessment of where a person is and what they need at the time. He is sensitive and listens deeply. He then pulls together a vast array of techniques to provide a massage that heals whether it be stretching out muscles with range of motion, gentle relaxation methods or deep massage to release tension. Lawrence has a gift that should not be missed.”

Laurie Downs

“Lawrence, I have been to many massage therapists in my life and you are the best yet. I like the way you combine your knowledge of how the body moves with massage. I always leave your office feeling great and my sore spots gone. Thanks again for helping me.”

Wes Beach

“All around great person, he will treat you right”

Stephen Henry

“Lawrence is both gifted and well trained as a massage therapist especially for men who are active in sports and are vulnerable to injury or over exertion. His knowledge also includes stretching exercises to bring one’s body mechanics into greater harmony and balance.”

Michael Young

“Lawrence is extremely knowledgeable and very gifted in his therapeutic massage approach. I have used him both for specific problems and for general relaxation and I get fabulous results every time. He is very professional and respectful and I highly recommend him!”

Constant Hine

“It is a fact that you are dead-on with what is wrong and how to fix it no matter how obscure. You work with people where they are and help them understand where they need to be and can be. Your approach is radically different from anything I have ever experienced and that is the feedback that I get from my friends. Thank you!”

Peggy Crowe

“Lawrence has the expertise and skills to truly “feel” what needs to be addressed in the massage techniques he uses. Muscles, ligaments, nerves and tendons don’t work in isolation, and he knows what to focus on in order to get the best results. I highly recommend Lawrence!”

Stephanie Frederick, M.Ed.,RN

“I have seen Lawrence for chronic low back pain, I have a severe spinal deformity. He is knowledgeable, professional and able to create a treatment plan for each individual. He has helped me with pain relief and I highly recommend him to anyone with a chronic medical condition and to anyone who wants stress relief. He knows many approaches and listens to his patients. His agenda is your agenda.“

Deborah Love, RN, ND

“After all the snow shoveling I have been doing lately I just had to send you a note to say thanks for making me feel so great!  Since I have been coming to see you on a monthly basis I have not needed the services of my chiropractor!  I feel great!! Thanks for being there for me!!”

Marlene Frisbee

“Lawrence achieves this perfect blend in his sessions. Massage that really works and heals injuries and pain, and is at the same time is so soothing and gentle and relaxing. There are very few practitioners who are so intuitive and so effective simultaneously. You don’t have to choose between relaxing or results. You get both with Lawrence Hines.”

Sarah Thomas

“Lawrence is an excellent massage therapist. He takes his time to talk with you and find out your problem areas. He integrates his knowledge of dance and movement with massage therapy to produce an amazing overall experience.”

James Carter

“My own experience parallels what I have heard from other clients. Lawrence excels at providing a nurturing therapeutic environment that is effectively healing. He is sensitive and safe.”

Jack Boyd

“Lawrence has magic hands! His thorough knowledge of massage therapy techniques, combined with healing touch, worked magic for my lower back and legs. Lawrence takes time to listen to his clients and describe his course of therapy, then applies the most effective treatment for the specific situation. Lawrence has a very high recommendation as a therapist and friend.”

Gregg Solms

“Lawrence is amazing! No matter what muscle ache, pain or strain I present (as a massage therapist, yogini and hiker, I’ve almost always got something going on!), Lawrence knows just how to provide relief and get me back in balance. His in-depth knowledge of the physical body and his years of experience in various forms of body work put him on the leading edge as a massage therapist.”

Janet Ledder

“I was in training for my first Half Marathon and Lawrence knew how to prepare my body for the 13.1 mile journey. Even if you’re not training for such a feat, normal life takes it’s toll on the body. Do yourself a favor, schedule an appointment with Lawrence as your body deserves it.”

Stephen Lalla

“As far as words to describe you….. caring, empathetic, honest, open, sensitive, perceptive, realistic and good at communicating. To describe your work and how it helped me… first of all you successfully diagnosed the problem with my shoulder! After just a few sessions my range of motion was much better and I had stopped taking the pain meds. With each therapy session the range of motion in my shoulder got better and, you were also able to work on other areas needing attention. Also, the exercises you showed me to do at home have kept my shoulder in good shape so, I can still live an active life! To summarize this, you are a very effective and caring massage therapist!“

Peggy Boyer

“Lawrence helped me with some issues resulting from riding my bike, and that helped me get back to riding my bike. Just what I wanted.”

Sam Craig

“The difference from massages with others was his technical skill in diagnosing specifics of my injury, followed by his treatments and patience in explaining a variety of exercises at home that would supplement the massages. Now, after weeks of going to Lawrence’s center, I feel pain free, having regained full motion in my shoulder.”

Alberto Colonia

“I have recommended several of my friends to Lawrence and they have always thanked me and concur that he indeed is a great massage therapist. I have one friend who comes to visit in the summer and the first thing he asks me is Lawrence going to be available for a massage! It’s one of the highlights of his visit. If you’re looking for a great massage, then Lawrence is your man!”

Bill Bogolub

“I always look forward to my massage sessions with Lawrence. I leave feeling relaxed and renewed. Everyone deserves this kind of care and attention!”

Tricia Lea

“Lawrence is so attentive to the body. He seems to have an ear to the inside and it makes your whole being feel listened to! I have never been disappointed.”

Louise Ratemann

 “I have had the blessing of experiencing Lawrence’s massage skills for over 20 years and I will say his abilities and methods have only gotten better with time. If that was possible. I thought it was the very best massage from the beginning. Recently I went back after a long period without, as I was having spasmodic lower back issues – my job requires a lot of sitting at a desk, in a car, in an airplane – and I was amazed at the difference just one massage made, another a week later even better. I had been afraid to get a massage because for some reason I thought it would be hurtful to my back as it was so sore. That was totally wrong thinking! I left walking upright and with ease and comfort plus a folder full of self-help suggestions and exercises. Don’t put it off. Don’t discount it as just a “feel good” luxury. Make this year the year you let your healthy, in-line body make a difference in living your life.”

Robin 12/30/2015