What is Therapeutic Massage?

Beyond relaxation. Wellbeing.

What is holding you back?

Therapeutic massage is designed for elite athletes, dancers, and weekend warriors. Office workers. People experiencing chronic pain. And anyone who wants to experience optimum health and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Therapeutic massage from Asheville Therapeutic Massage can reduce inflammation, enhance circulation, and flush out the toxins built up in your body from intense exercise, chronic pain, and sedentary lifestyles. As a result you experience improved performance, reduced levels of pain, and faster recovery from your workout.

Based on a deep understanding of movement fundamentals, massage at Asheville Therapeutic Massage will loosen and release tight muscles, extend mobility, improve flexibility and increase range of motion. We specialize in direct manipulation of muscle, tendon, joint, and connective fascia to expand your freedom of movement, unlock the “stuck” places in your body, and release tension that causes pain.

“Sometimes we aren’t able to make the big changes, but the little changes and improvements give relief and may stave off further deterioration.”


Time to get "unstuck"

“I have had the blessing of experiencing Lawrence’s massage skills for over 20 years and I will say his abilities and methods have only gotten better with time. If that was possible. I thought it was the very best massage from the beginning. Recently I went back after a long period without, as I was having spasmodic lower back issues – my job requires a lot of sitting at a desk, in a car, in an airplane – and I was amazed at the difference just one massage made, another a week later even better. I had been afraid to get a massage because for some reason I thought it would be hurtful to my back as it was so sore. That was totally wrong thinking! I left walking upright and with ease and comfort plus a folder full of self-help suggestions and exercises. Don’t put it off. Don’t discount it as just a “feel good” luxury. Make this year the year you let your healthy, in-line body make a difference in living your life.”